Man sues Samsung after his Galaxy Note 7 exploded and did this to him (See Photos)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion is no longer news, although the phone brand "Samsung" already issued a recall earlier in September, the phone had already gotten to the hands of many.

According to TMZ,  a certain man is suing Samsung after his phone, Galaxy Note 7 exploded and scorched his groin while he was sleeping.

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the man identified as Michael Taylor said his new Galaxy Note 7 blew up and caught fire on his bed in the dead of night. Taylor says the hotline burned his crotch, legs and sheets. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, he says he had no idea the phone had a defective battery susceptible to overheating and exploding. About a month after he bought it, he was charging the phone overnight and says he woke up to find it “shooting flames” … which caused 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Samsung had issued a recall earlier in September — before the alleged fire — but Michael says the phone should never have been sold to him in the first place.

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