Unbelievable! Facebook User Predicted the Death of Prince, Harambe the Gorilla, Muhammad Ali, Orlando Shooting Months Before It Happened

Pablo Reyes
Pablo Reyes, a Facebook user‘s scary 2016 prophecy which he posted on the social platform on December 26, 2015 that has now gone viral.

The content of his post is shocking because he made accurate predictions of deaths in which most have occurred. His Facebook post reads:

“Call me crazy but in 2016 Hillary Clinton will be the first female president, the world will go crazy over the death of a gorilla, Prince will die, Muhammad Ali will die, Kimbo Slice will die, Donald Trump will die. The USA will experience the worst mass shooting.. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but you’ll remember my name,”

He has been attracting accolades of Facebook following the ill-fated Orlando shooting in Florida, United States of America by an Islamic extremist which left 50 dead and dozens injured.

Reyes predicted the death of Muhammad Ali, Kimbo Slice, Prince, Donald Trump and a Gorilla. He also predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the United states of America’s presidential race in 2016 as well as a mass shooting.

The amazing thing is that, five predictions on his list happened weeks apart from each other.

See a screenshot of his Facebook post:

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