How Tiwa Savage implicated herself should anything happen to Teebillz


Following the much publicized interview singer, Tiwa Savage gave revealing much from the drama in her marriage crash, a social media user has questioned her intent, and analysing the damage her interview may have just caused.

We may likely not have seen the end to the ongoing saga between these celebrity couples, more revelation and counter accusations will follow…it’s gonna get messy in the next couple of days, Now the police are involved, NDLEA, the EFCC and sadly their poor child will be reading all their outbust online later in the near future.

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Their wedding broke the Internet so is their break up.

So how did Tiwa Savage implicate herself?
You and I never knew TeeBillz is a drug addict until Tiwa (his wife) told us all including the NDLEA…she confirmed seeing him sniff Cocaine in their kitchen.
You and I never knew TeeBillz was promiscuous until Tiwa (his wife) told us all including human rights activists and his future wife (if any)
You and I never knew TeeBillz is a fraudster until Tiwa (his wife) told us all including the Police, ICPC and EFCC, Now Buhari is aware.
You and I never knew TeeBillz is in great debt until Tiwa (his wife) told us all including his business partners, nobody likes to do business with a chronic debtor.

Tiwa Savage just killed a man.

Yet she came crying to the world that she loved her husband and she will always pray for him not to get hurt…well, can somebody tell her that she did not only hurt that man, she put a bullet through his head, killed him and checked if he is still breathing then kissed him saying ‘I love you babe’

According to Tiwa “If there is anything that maybe I overlooked, or didn’t love him enough, or made him less of a man, then I am sorry. I am absolutely sorry…Tunji I am sorry. But you know I tried everything, you know I love you so much, and I am sorry, I never wanted to divorce, and I never wanted it to get to this. I want you to get better…and I would always pray for you.” 

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What she said was a typical example of “wen rat dey chop your leg e go dey blow you breeze make you for nor know until e go almost chop the leg finish”

Should any thing happen to Teebillz, Tiwa Savage would have a case to answer.

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